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New Technology in Lens Facts

Varilux Ellipse 360 offers the widest distance vision and has a wider corridor, optimizing the widest field of vision available.
Definity Transitions VI provides active presbyopes benefits that are simply out of this world. On the golf course, at the gym, or even on the lake this is the lens for you.
Anti-Reflection Coating is a must!! Steer clear of glare while maximizing your performance.

Did you know that there are finally lenses which change to fit the way you drive and live... Introducing the all new Drivewear Lens.  A polarized photochromic lens that darkens outside as well as far behind the windshield of your car. Features:  -reacts to different weather and light conditions from overcast to bright light by utilizing visible, as well as UV light. -Enhances the eyes' natural functions to provide optimum vision.  -High efficiency polarizer that blocks blinding glare.  -Available in your RX - blocks 100% UV A/ UV B

Did you know that you will look better, you will see better and your lens will clean easier with the new Super Hi Vision Anti-Reflection Hoya Lenses?  What is Anti-reflection? Anti-reflection or AR is the coating that is bonded to your lenses to eliminate light reflections on the lens surface.  AR coating also increases transmittance, which allows more light to pass through your lenses.  By eliminating reflections and increasing transmittance, the appearance of your glasses and the quality of your vision are improved significantly.

Did you know that there is a new technically advanced Occupational Lens for the working world? Are you suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome? Shamir Office Beyond Computer lens is an occupational lens designed to provide uncompromised visual acuity for near and mid-range vision.  If you are experiencing tired eyes, eye strain, sore eyes, periodic blurred distance vision, headaches, dry eyes, red eyes, burning after periods of time on the computer then these lens are for you!!

Did you know PolarizedPlus 2 lets the color in? 
* Polarizing film absorbs harsh reflected glare
* Waterproof Coating sheds water and snow, makes cleaning easy
* Anti-Reflective treatment absorbs bounce-back glare and reduces eye fatigue
* Clearshell proprietary scratch-resistant coating
* Lens crisp, distortion-free optics
*  Bi- Gradient mirror eliminates overhead and reflected glare





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